Heritage Park Golf Course


Age Requirements

Heritage Park has certain age requirements to be on the golf course. Spectators or players must be 6 years of age to be out on the course proper and they must be accompanied by an adult. Junior players 12 years and up may play unaccompanied. The driving range and practice green require adult supervision for youth but the 6 years of age minimum requirement is waived.

Rain Checks

Heritage Park will issue rain checks under most reasonable inclement weather circumstances. Please note, rain checks are written for a dollar amount. A full, partial, or no rain check value chart is posted at the golf shop. Some restrictions apply.

Pace of Play

Our goal at Heritage Park is for our early tee time patrons to play their rounds in under four hours, and our later tee time patrons to play in under four and a half hours. In order to meet these goals even on extremely busy days and make it enjoyable for all golfers, please adhere to the following:

  • Allow faster groups to play through.
  • Always play ready golf.
  • Always use a provisional in case there is a question of a lost ball or out of bounds.
  • Follow the instructions of Marshall staff.
  • If the course is cart path only, please take several clubs to play your next shot.
  • Keep pace and position with the group in front of you.
  • Limit cell phone usage.
  • Limit time for searching for lost balls to 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Record scores at the next tee.

Dress Code

  • Golf or tennis shoes required
  • Heritage Park is a soft spike facility – No metal spikes allowed
  • Ladies may wear golf sleeveless tops
  • No swim wear
  • Shirts are required – No tank tops and no men’s sleeveless shirts

Group Size

Heritage Park Golf Course allows fivesomes to play Monday through Friday anytime and after noon on weekends and holidays. Only with the approval of the PGA Professional Staff can a non-annual member group play fivesomes before noon on weekends and holidays. Annual members have fivesome privileges anytime, though that privilege could be forfeited with slow play issues.

Pairing Groups

Unless play is extremely light, single, twosome, and threesome reservations should expect to be paired up or put with an existing reservation as designated by the Heritage Park Golf Course staff. We will use the minimum number of carts per group. Extra carts in groups cause unnecessary damage to the turf and waste fuel resources. If a golfer insists on a separate cart a full cart fee will be applied.


We are a play at your own risk facility. We monitor weather situations and attempt to inform the entire course in a timely manner of weather in the area but we can not guarantee this. We do not recommend playing golf during lightning or severe weather. There are shelters at No. 4 tee, No. 15 tee, and the half-way house.

Check-In Procedure

Please arrive and check in at the starter shack a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your tee time. If you should need to cancel a reservation, please call the starter and open the time so another group may enjoy this great game.