Wednesday Night Men’s League – Tomahawk Hills

Available Tee Times and Shotguns

April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th

Tee Times from 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm

May 1st to August 28th

5:30 Shotgun

September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th

Tee Times from 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm

Weekly Sign-Up

Sign up email with results will be emailed out after each league night. Each player
will need to respond if they would like to play in the following week.

League Pricing

Non-Patron Walking$20.00
Non-Patron Riding$29.00
Senior Walking$16.00
Senior Riding$25.00
Patron Walking$17.00
Patron Riding$26.00
Senior Patron Walking$13.00
Senior Patron Riding$22.00

League Pricing

You must choose on your 1st week what tees you will be playing for the season.
Blue Tees – 2890 Yards
White Tees – 2842 Yards
Red Tees – 2491 Yards


If you hit your shot out of bounds or into the creek, you can drop another ball where you think it when in with a 2 stoke penalty. If you lose a ball, drop another
ball where you think it should be with a 2 stoke penalty.

The highest score a player can receive on a hole is a double bogey. The hole will end after a double bogey score is attained, and the player should pick up their ball regardless of location and mark down a hole score of 0.

In the event of a rainout, the competition will be cancelled regardless of your position on the golf course. Quotas will carry over to the next week without changing.

The pace of play for Tomahawk Hills Golf Course is 2 hours and 15 minutes for 9 holes. Please be aware of your pace and always keep up with the group ahead of you.


Scorecards are to be turned in the Pro Shop immediately following your round. Results will be emailed to you with the weekly signup email. Weekly payouts, gift cards, will be ready for you to be picked up the following Wednesday.

Quota System

Bogey – 1 Point
Par – 2 Points
Birdie – 3 Points
Eagle – 8 Points
Double Eagle – 16 Points

After the round has completed, the player will add up their points and then post how many over / under (+/-) the player is from their starting quota. Each player’s quota will then be adjusted for the next weeks play based on the information below:

If you shoot +1, Even, -1 to your quota: Quota stays the same for the next week.
If you shoot -2 or lower: Quota lowers by 2 for the next week.
If you shoot +2, +3, +4: Quota rises by 2 for the next week.
If you shoot +5, +6, +7: Quota rises by 4 for the next week.
If you shoot +8, +9, +10: Quota rises by 6 for the next week.
The goal is to accumulate as many points over your quota as possible.

Weekly Payouts

Each week you play, you will pay $2.00 to the weekly prize fund (League pricing includes weekly prize fund). All money brought in each week will be 100% paid out in gift cards, there will be no scorecard playoffs. The purse calculation / distribution is listed below

12 or Fewer Entries13 – 15 Entries16 – 19 Entries20 – 24 Entries
1st 33%1st 29%1st 25%1st 22%
2nd 27%2nd 23%2nd 21%2nd 17%
3rd 22%3rd 18%3rd 17%3rd 14%
4th 18%4th 16%4th 14%4th 12%
5th 12%5th 10%
6th 11%6th 10%
7th 8%
8th 7%
25 – 29 Entries30 – 34 Entries35 – 40 Entries41& Above Entries
1st 20%1st 18%1st 17%1st 17%
2nd 16%2nd 14%2nd 14%2nd 14%
3rd 13%3rd 11%3rd 11%3rd 11%
4th 11%4th 10%4th 9%4th 9%
5th 9%5th 8%5th 8%5th 8%
6th 8%6th 8%6th 8%6th 8%
7th 7%7th 7%7th 7%7th 7%
8th 6%8th 6%8th 6%8th 6%
9th 5%9th 6%9th 5%9th 5%
10th 5%10th 4%10th 4%10th 4%
11th 4%11th 4%11th 3%
12th 4%12th 4%12th 2%
13th 3%13th 2%
14th 2%
15th 2%