Tomahawk Hills Golf Course

Seniors Men’s Leagues

Tomahawk Hills Senior Men’s Golf Association

This league is open to ages 50 and older and will golf every other Tuesday morning beginning April 9, 2024. Participants must purchase a Senior Patron Card for $60 and pay senior dues of $65. These fees entitle participants to many discounts and are used to provide prizes for each tournament. 

  • Senior League President: Dan Leonard

To join the Senior Men’s Golf Association please fill out the Member Application.  We are limited to 144 members. Applications will be considered in the order received.

Members sponsoring a new member will receive $10 for each new member they recruit!

TuesdayApril 910:00 AMSPRING MEETING
TuesdayApril 168:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayApril 308:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayMay 78:00 AMScoring Event
TuesdayMay 148:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayMay 218:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayJune 47:30 AMScoring Event
TuesdayJune 187:30 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayJune 257:30 AMScoring Event
TuesdayJuly 97:30 AMT.B.D. COOKOUT
TuesdayJuly 237:30 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayJuly 307:30 AMScoring Event
TuesdayAugust 67:30 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayAugust 207:30 AMScoring Event
TuesdayAugust 277:30 AMT.B.D.
TuesdaySeptember 178:00 AMLEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 1
TuesdaySeptember 248:00 AMLEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 2
TuesdayOctober 18:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayOctober 88:00 AMT.B.D.
TuesdayOctober 1510:00 AMFall Meeting (TBD)


  • 1st: $25
  • 2nd: $20
  • 3rd: $15
  • 4th: $10
  • Closest to Pin: $10

Speed of Play

To help speed up play, please:

  • Play ready golf
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • Don’t spend extra time looking for lost balls.
  • In fairway, hit when ready.
  • Park carts behind the green.
  • Stay one stroke behind the group in front of you.
  • Update your scorecard on the next tee box.
  • Watch and mark the location of other golfers’ shots.
  • When “Cart Path Only,” take enough clubs with you.